Carolyn Jones, M.A.

Your Financial Breakthrough Guide



Carolyn is on a mission to help small business owners achieve their dreams through enlightened financial practices. She inspires creative entrepreneurs to re-frame financial management as a task toward a much more significant pursuit: Living their dreams.

Serving hundreds of clients since 1996, Carolyn is a skilled financial manager and trusted advisor – she never loses sight of her client’s creative and personal aspirations. With an uncanny ability to look at numbers and see a story, she can align that story with your day-to-day and long-term vision.

Carolyn holds a Masters in Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies. She has been a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor since 2002 and an Advanced ProAdvisor since 2010. In Carolyn’s spare time she enjoys reading, hiking with her dog and spending time rafting down rivers.

Carolyn’s passion for numbers started at the age of 9 when she started her first business. She created a budget for her first business, selling items from her junk drawer. This continued on as she put herself through grad school by doing bookkeeping. By the time she graduated, she had a full practice.