Financial Evaluation

  • QuickBooks File Review

  • Financial Analysis

  • Evaluation Report

  • Strategic Business Planning


Start: Your Financial Evaluation

Financial Analysis

Do you know if your business is profitable? Do you know if it’s doing well compared to other similar businesses?

Without reviewing your margins and profitability on a regular basis, you are flying completely blind. Financial analysis will look at your cost and profit margins and compare to industry standards. You’ll learn which areas are out of balance so you can focus your attention.

Restaurants are tricky because there could be a lot of cash coming through, leading to a belief that they are doing well. A lot of cash means nothing if expenses are higher than the income; they could actually be losing money!

In our experience, the more often a business looks at their financials, the more successful their business.

QuickBooks Data Review

In a QB review, we are checking on the integrity of the information that has been input, looking over the setup, and assessing the efficiency of the data entry process. This helps resolve ongoing issues, identifies gaps in the bookkeeper’s skills, and finds ways to make the system better. Unless you have a QuickBooks expert on staff, you should have a data review at least quarterly (and ideally monthly).

Assessment Report

The Assessment Report is a summary of findings from the Financial Analysis and QuickBooks Review. It tells you how you are doing and lists out areas that need improving. This report will arm you with the exact areas you need to work on and gives you enough information on improving your business so you can mobilize into action.

45 minute Strategy Meeting

One-on-one call to go over the Assessment Report findings. During this meeting, you will get clarity around your business and the next steps you need to take.