magic number2We’ve all got that number. You know which one I’m talking about – It’s the income number that let’s you breathe a sigh of relief, the one that gives you the financial space to actually be able to go out and buy the things you need and (gasp) the things you want. This is the number that makes it so that you are not worried about money all of the time. When you find it, be prepared. You might feel downright abundant for once. That number exists. Have you figured yours out yet?

I figured out my number a while ago and created a plan to reach it. But even then, I seemed to find every excuse for why it wasn’t possible – for why I couldn’t attain it. Sometimes making a plan and sticking to it is the easy part. The hard part is taking that leap of faith. It’s no easy feat to invest at a higher level in yourself. You’ve got to remember though that the roadblocks aren’t an end game. They are simply obstacles.

When you find that you’re frozen and unable to believe that the path you’ve laid out is plausible, let alone successful, it’s time to look at hiring a coach. These are folks that make a living removing obstacles; they make the plausible possible. Knowing when to hire help can make the difference between knowing your number and reaching your number.

Once I found my number and hired a coach to help me remove the obstacles from my path, I worked harder than I ever had. Before long, I had reached my number, and then shortly thereafter I had exceeded it. It was never a huge stretch, yet it was more than I’d made before. I watched my bank balance increase and at the same time had serious trepidations about spending. I kept thinking, what if it doesn’t last? But another month rolled by and I exceeded my goal again. Now I knew it wasn’t a fluke. I had earned it. I had done it. This time I paid my bills early, sent some money to the IRS, and put a little cushion in my savings account. Then I took a long, sweet sigh of relief and bought myself something pretty. When all your hard work pays off, you deserve it.

I know my number. Do you know yours?